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Branding Photography

Branding photography sessions for life coach and professional entrepreneurs with the desire to show off their own personal brand.

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What makes Richard’s Photography different from other photographers?

  • Our professional branding headshot photography service includes a standard gray or dark gray background in a studio environment.
  • Our headshots cater to business people wanting the best in a professional headshot and top quality customer service.
  • Top rated San Antonio headshot photographer with over 360 reviews from satisfied customers. 
  • We offer business portraits to company owners all over the Texas Hill Country and South Texas..
  • We opened our professional photography business 30 years ago plus photographing people is our fulltime gig!
  • We have over 30+ years experience working with people in the San Antonio and Bexar county community.
  • Our portrait studio Includes professional men’s and women’s headshots and business photos in studio only.
  • Digital online gallery sent same day in most cases to your email box.
  • With us you get one-on-one personal attention. No photographer turnovers. Highly rated photography service.
  • Patty answers the phone and gives you as much info as possible with no pressure.
  • We offer a very light headshot retouching service with a quick turnaround.
  • People that come to our portrait studio have the ability to change clothing in privacy.
  • We offer professional branding photography services to active and retired military personnel.
  • An American flag is provided for use in photos to military personnel or anyone who requires it.
  • Offering personal branding photography for entrepreneurs in San Antonio. 
  • Professional portraits with creative lighting and posing techniques in our studio.

Professional Branding Portraits For Business Entrepreneurs
Professional Portraits with creative composites available. Ask us about creative portraits with on of our special backdrops. The difference between a professional headshot and a professional portrait is the amount time spent and posing involved that goes along with a portrait. More time is included when creating a portrait.

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High End Retouching For Women
high end retouching
High End Retouching For Men
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You only get that one perfect chance to make the best first impression

 As people we all live in a fast paced and ever changing world of social media driving and attempting to drive customers to our websites, blogs, social media platforms, photo galleries, advertisements and online image portfolios. You need a good way to stand out and set yourself apart from everyone else competing for the same views. Having personal photos and images to define who you really are and what you do will do exactly that. Make it pop and standout, make it fancy and eye-catching and show everyone what it is you do and in the way you do it is amazing and memorable. 

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The importance of great imagery and how the right styling and personality and consistent photographics may possibly help you not only boast what’s best about you, but also help you successfully tell your company or start-up brand story and create attention across your entire brand.

A unique beautiful image of you should portray your brand values and portray the exact perfect first impression of you and your new business at first glance of your prospective clients/new customers and those customers connecting with you specifically online as it ensures them to begin gaining trust with you even though you’ve never connected in person. The branding images must show your unique personality and unique style of edginess!

Branding photos also shows off encouragement and confidence, trust in you and the product or service you are there to offer because you are showing the person you are not just what you do or say and but mostly you are offering as a service. Customers of today are again and again wanting to connect with the very person behind the business and their own unique story and steps taken to where they are now.

What Should You Not Wear for a Headshot?
  • Neon colors.
  • Busy or very small patterns.
  • Spaghetti straps or strapless dresses that show undergarments.
  • Colors that exactly match the background.
  • Baggy clothing.
  • Clothes You Don’t Normally Wear For Business.
One of the most common questions we get asked when hired for business headshots is, “What to wear for business headshot?” It’s a question I we asked by both men and women in the business world. 

Photo sharing 

Many people online upload their own photographs to social media networking websites like Linkedin, Facebook, Indeed and other online company websites, in order to share them with a specific group or with the general public. Those people are a type of audience interested in legal precision may explicitly release them to the public domain or under a free content licensing allowable by law. Some photo sites, including Wikimedia Commons, are specific about licenses and only accept pictures with clear information about it’s specific permitted usage.

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  • Neon colors.
  • Busy or very small patterns.
  • Spaghetti straps or strapless dresses that show undergarments.
  • Colors that exactly match the background.
  • Baggy clothing.
  • Clothes You Don’t Normally Wear For Business.
One of the most common questions we get asked when hired for business headshots is, “What to wear for business headshot?” It’s a question I we asked by both men and women in the business world. 

Always Consult with us first as we have experience in what clothing looks good for each occasion

  1. Be sure your clothes are ironed. Photoshop can’t do that for you!
  2. Check your clothing for stains! Check under the arms and around the collar.
  3. Always wear long sleeves. It looks more professional.
  4. Avoid horizontal stripes or busy patterns at all cost. Trust us on this one!
  5. Always wear long sleeves. It looks more professional.
  6. Be sure to wear your hair the way you like it. Photoshop can’t fix that either!
  7. Men, choose a tie with a nice pop of color. It makes a lot of difference!
  8. Team headshot members with uniforms always look good in solid colors.

A beautiful image of you should convey your brand values and portray the right first impression of you and your business within seconds of your prospective clients and customers connecting with you online as it enables them to start building trust with you without even having met you in person. The images should show your vibrant personality and unique style!

Branding images also encourage confidence and trust in you and the product or service you are offering because you are showing who you are not just what you do and what you are selling. Today’s customers are more and more wanting to connect with the person behind the business and their story.

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What About ERAS Headshots For Medical Students?

Yes, we do those too.

Also included in our service is same day medical student ERAS fellowship pictures for applications and resumes.

  1. We know the eras photo requirements for 2022 and 2023 and you can see our ERAS headshot examples.
  2. Most people look for gray backgrounds or dark gray backgrounds. Light gray backgrounds make for a clean image.
  3. Black backgrounds create a more dramatic look to the photo conferences and events.
  4. Your medical photos will look attractive on Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram Bio pages.
  5. Are you a male student who needs a headshot but you don’t have a tie to go with your jacket?  No problem! We’ve got some nice ties at our studio.

Frequently asked questions and facts:

Yes, we have a home portrait studio with all the photography lighting and equipment necessary to get the photos done right for you. We are one of very few actual portrait studios in San Antonio.

No, not necessary. All photo sessions are done here in our home portrait studio.

Once you decide what photos you want from the gallery you can let us know in writing which images you want retouched. You will have your online gallery the same day.

Once you decide what images you want from the online gallery we will start on the retouching asap! Less than 24 hours most cases except weekends.

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Yes we take senior portraits on location but not in studio.

Yes, we offer creative branding portraits and headshots. We don’t offer white or high key backgrounds. We have our own style for taking brand photos.

Here’s are several ways and directions to find our studio. Or, you can just Google it!

We are close to areas of Inwood, Deerfield, Stone Oak, Sonterra, Rogers Ranch and LaCanterra, Fiesta Texas

Streets near us are Huebner Rd, Bitters Rd and Loop 1604. We are located just a short drive from Boerne, Castroville, Lake Hills, Hondo, Leon Springs, Helotes and other Texas hill country towns. We are worth the drive!

Driving Directions: If you’re coming from -10 west near Fiesta Texas take the Loop 1604 exit and go east towards San Antonio. You’ll pass n.w. north west military drive then you’ll see the bitters road, Huebner road exit. Take a right on west bitters road. Go 1/2 a mile and you’re there. If you’re driving on 281 north turn left on Bitters road. You”ll be going west. You’ll pass west avenue then you’ll cross over Blanco road.

Go another mile and you’ll come to Huebner road.  If you’re coming from DeZavala road you’ll pass Clark high school. Keep going all the way to North West Military drive then turn left. Go up to loop 1604 and go right. You will see the exit to Bitters rd and Huebner. Take a right on West Bitters rd. Go up the hill and you’re there.

From the San Antonio International Airport drive north to Bitters Road and 281 North. Take a left and go 5 miles. You will find Richard’s Photography on the right side.

From the Timberwood Park area head south to Blanco Road and Loop 1604. You will be close to the Rogers Ranch subdivision which is just one mile from Richard’s Photography.

From The Alamo downtown, 300 Alamo Plaza, get onto 281 North and exit on Bitters and go left. We are 3.5 miles straight up the road. From The Pearl Brewery at 303 Pearl Pkwy, San Antonio, TX get onto the access ramp to 281 north and go 6 miles to Bitters road then take a left under the bridge. Many out customers come the Dominion Country Club. It’s easy to get to our studio from the Dominion.

If you live near Churchill high school go up Blanco Road and turn left on Bitters Road. This will take you over Huebner to the Forest at Inwood. Map to us now

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